Panorama: New York City

The Ark Dome Show created by Dirt Empire

Dirt Empire is a content design and experiential production company formed in 2008 by Bobo Do and Nicholas Rubin in Brooklyn, New York. We are driven to create elegant, engaging and dynamic experiences on-screen and in-person. Specializing in large-scale video surfaces has given us many opportunities to generate eye-melting spectacles. With over ten years of combined work and study, we pride ourselves on achieving a synergistic, organic approach that helps clients achieve their strategic missions. We leverage our love for story-telling, visual acrobatics and technical mastery into powerful stories that infuse projects with our unique, unmistakable quality.

Watch a recent project video here.

Twitter: @DirtEmpireNYC
Instagram: @dirt.empire
Facebook: dirtempirenyc

Written and directed by Dirt Empire (Bobo Do and Nicholas Rubin) with original music, sound design, and full spherical audio by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans, The Ark is a mythic journey of intergalactic survival in the search for a new home. The 90-foot dome allows 200+ festival-goers at a time to experience 360 degree immersive theater and provides viewers with an unparalleled collective sensory experience. Proclaimed by the Observer as “the selling point of THE LAB,” The Dome is where Panorama’s synthesis of art, technology, music and design is given its ultimate expression.

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