Panorama: New York City

Future Portrait created by Prism

PRISM is a Brooklyn-based studio founded by Tom Rossano and Elliot Kealoha Blanchard.  By combining visionary artistry and cutting-edge technology, PRISM tell stories across disciplines. Our creative wavelength is built upon a diverse roster of directors, artists, producers, animators, and designers, who all share in the flexible, curiosity-driven approach that is at the core of PRISM.

Elliot creates work that reflects his ability to turn bold ideas into reality. Whether he is creating traditional ads, unique motion design, interactive work or short films, his work has the uncanny ability to both create and satisfy curiosities you didn’t even know you had.

He’s turned the human voice into wearable art for an event at Oracle; his first app “VR Loops” helps users create their own virtual reality worlds – and his immersive 360 visual experience for HP, which debuted at the Panorama Music Festival, brought thousands of festival goers on a journey through time and space in a 69 foot dome.

Whether Elliot is working within two or three dimensions, everything he touches ignites awe, joy and amazement, morphing the role of passive viewer into active participant. The animated shorts he recently helmed for Barney’s acclaimed Holiday Windows were alive with graphic splendor, using traditional animation, throwback CG, and vintage analog effects.

Elliot has worked for clients such as MTV, IBM, Vitamin Water, GE and Unicef. He has been featured worldwide, and has appeared in Communication Arts, The Creators Project, The Today Show, Architectural Digest, Vogue, Animation World Network, Make, South By Southwest, The Palm Springs International Film Festival, WeTheUrban, and Elektro.

Facebook: weareprismstudio
Instagram: @weareprism
Twitter: @we_are_prism


Future Portrait transforms motion into an amazing dynamic film. Your performance drives uniquely beautiful animation that can be remixed and shared on the fly. Discover a new you defined by movement.

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