Panorama: New York City

Right Passage created by The Windmill Factory

The Windmill Factory is a creative collective based in Brooklyn, NY manufacturing sublime experience where the audience is king; installations, performances, and events acclaimed by WIRED, Rolling Stone, SPIN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, The Creators Project…. Highlight projects include choreographing Nine Inch Nails 2013 & 2014 Festival Tour; production designs for Metric, Phantogram, Andrew McMahon; Reflecting the Stars, recreating the night sky on the Hudson River with solar powered LED lights; Pixel Forest, a voice activated forest of LED balloons commissioned by SXSW; Castle of Shadows, a shadow play on a castle wall in Cartagena, Colombia; Balloon Vortex an interactive installation at MIT’s Media Lab; The Wedge, a massive grassy slide/aerial performance center for Burning Man

Right Passage is a room scale sound and light performance installation beginning in a hazed void. A reflective labyrinth emerges, guiding you through a magico-religious dynamistic rite of passage, a liminal journey from darkness to light, a re-orientation of the senses.

Instagram: @windmillfactory
Twitter: @windmillfactory

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